The Kathmandu - Indian/Nepal Restaurant

A restaurant is a deep ingrained memory – an experience to reminisce, an escapade to cherish, a secret to smile over. A certain restaurant somewhere has always served the purpose of catering pleasant memories. You recall, you talk, you laugh, and you cry, you ponder – you face a whole range of emotions over that “particular incident” in that “particular restaurant.” The Kathmandu Website

I love Indian food, I mean really, really LOVE indian food. I love Indian food as much as I love yoga. I am not sure why it speaks so deeply to my soul, but I have always had a flair for ethnic food, particularly asian since my youth. As I have gotten older, I have realized that the flavor and variety of Indian keeps my tongue well pleased. I love the spices that Indian food possesses, spices of the gods - cardamom, ginger, coriander, anise, cinnamon, turmeric, nutmeg, cumin, allspice, saffron, cloves, mint, mustard seed, garlic, onions! I love them all, each and every one! I have always been fond of a high ratio of flavor in my food, and the rich sauces of Indian food speak music to my heart.

As you can imagine, finding a fabulous Indian restaurant is like finding a $20 bill in the pocket in the back of my closet from 3 years ago. It just doesn't get any better, and it makes my whole day! As you can imagine, I couldn't have been more thrilled to have stumbled across such a gem after not having experienced great Indian since NYC. "The Kathmandu" is not just Indian but also Nepalese food, making it all the better. I have been 3 times now, and every time I want to lick my plate clean to savor the flavor. I realize this would embarrass my dinner partners so I resist the temptation, but let this be a sufficient forewarning should we ever have dinner together at "The Kathmandu".

But seriously run, don't walk to "The Kathmandu". They are open everyday from 11:30-10:00pm, and they offer more than just great food. With their decor, linens, attire, and Nepali artwork, you feel as though you have entered a Nepalese Oasis, right in the heart of SLC. Owned and run by a Nepalese family it offers the hospitality indigenous to their culture, and food that tastes like you were in their personal home.

To me there are 3 criteria for judging a restaurant, in the following order of importance: 1)Food taste & quality, 2)Service & Price, and 3)Atmosphere & location.

The Kathmandu wins on all 3 accounts. Amazing food, among my favorites:
Appetizer, Katmandu Samosa Chat
Soup, Vegetable Noodle, Tomato
Main Dish: Nepalese - Vegetable Chow Chow, Chicken Chow Chow, Chicken Chili, Chicken MoMo, Everest Chicken
Indian - Butter Chicken, Chicken Coconut Korma, Chicken Vindaloo.

All the main dishes come with Naan and Rice, no need to pay extra. If you order bread, I recommend the Kathmandu Special Naan (sweet and flavorful).
If you are really hungry, splurge on a Mango Lassi - an amazing Yogurt Drink!

Most restaurants I go to I have 1-2 items on the menu I order over and over, because they do it well, and its a safe bet. At "The Kathmandu" I want to try all the dishes, because I trust the chefs implicitly to make every bite a success. They bring the sacred back to eating.

For an authentic Nepalese/Indian experience, you must visit "The Kathmandu".

Located on 3142 S. Highland Dr, SLC
M-Sun, 11:30am-10:00pm

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